Pour One Out for Google Play Movies - Android Faithful Episode #10

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10 episodes of Android Faithful! And to celebrate, Huyen Tue Dao, Mishaal Rahman and Ron Richards are joined by Annyce Davis, VP of Engineering at Meetup to break down all the Android news and stories for the week.

Featured in this episode:

NEWS: Inside Google's Anti-trust case and what it could mean for Android, Huawei emerges with some alarming sanction busting tech mysteries, Android 14 Beta 5.3 is here AND the Patron Pick: Google is killing Google Play TV & Movies on Android TV.

HARDWARE: Google unveils a sneak peek at the Pixel Watch 2, Some curious button updates on the new Google Chromecast, More Foldables from Tecno! and of course, Huyen still can't get enough of the Honor V Purse.

APPS: EU is forcing WhatsApp into multi-app support, Google Messages enabling more devices, GBoard's AI based proofreader is here, and we've got stories on Google Play, but why?!?!

COMMUNITY: Branden wants to know more about Beeper, and MattBatt wants a ringtone for unknown callers.

Thanks to Annyce Davis for joining us, go follow her at @brwngrldev