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Android Faithful is your source for Android news, hardware, apps, interviews and more. Join Huyen Tue Dao, Jason Howell, Mishaal Rahman and Ron Richards, along with a host of Android friends and experts, as they keep you up to date on everything important to the world of Android. From phones and foldables to tablets and TVs and more. We are the Android Faithful.

Android Faithful at Google I/O 2023

Jason Howell

Jason Howell is a seasoned tech podcaster with a rich history in tech media, tracing back to his days at CNET in 2005 and later at TWiT from 2010. Known for his deep dives into the human aspects of technology through his current YouTube channel, Techsploder, Jason regularly explores AI, mobile tech, AR/VR, and the Metaverse with a unique focus on personal experiences over technical specs. Jason currently hosts and produces the Techsploder Podcast and the AI Inside podcast.

Huyen Tue Dao

Huyen Tue Dao is a mobile developer, technical speaker, and content creator. She has worked in Android development for over 12 years, specializing in UX/UI development and in particular custom components and animations. However, Huyen does make time for everything and anything else in the stack including poking at Gradle builds. In 2016 Huyen was accepted as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Android and in 2017 as a GDE for Kotlin for her participation in the Android and Kotlin communities, including co-producing the "Android Dialogs" YouTube channel from 2015-2020 and currently the "KotlinConfersations" interview series at Jetbrains KotlinConf. Currently, Huyen is an independent Android developer by day and fitness fanatic and habitual dancer by night.

Mishaal Rahman

Mishaal Rahman is a veteran tech journalist in the Android beat. He has covered this beat since 2015 and is now widely considered the foremost authority on Android OS coverage. After an extensive stint at tech publication lasting 6 years, at which he quickly rose to the ranks of Editor-in-Chief after only 2.5 years, Mishaal started focusing almost exclusively on the Android ecosystem. He currently freelances for publications like Android Authority, Android Central, Android Headlines, and Android Police where he's considered their Android expert. His coverage of Android is frequently cited by tech publications like The Verge and Engadget and is also referenced by Google and the other makers of the very devices he covers.

Ron Richards

Hailing from the mean streets of Long Island, NY, Ron has been a geek since infancy — or upon getting his first Apple II+ in 1982. Ron went on to co-found in 2001 and began podcasting about comic books, geek culture and technology 2005. An Android user since day one on the G1, Ron has been reviewing Android apps and discussing tech since 2007 co-hosting All About Android on the TWiT Network. In addition to Android Faithful, Ron has co-created and hosted podcasts like iFanboyDamn Fine PodcastGoodfellas Minute, and Finale. He is currently the co-founder of Scorbit, connecting pinball machines to the internet. You can get the Scorbit app on Google Play.

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