Scooping Your Privacy From The Sandbox - Android Faithful Episode #8

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This week on Android Faithful, Huyen Tue Dao, Mishaal Rahman and Ron Richards are joined by Mary Ross, Chief Privacy Officer of OSOM Products, to get some insight into Data Privacy and how it affects the world of Android along with the usual fun we have covering the past week of Android.

Featured in this episode:

DISCUSSION: Mary Ross's journey with data privacy, ranging from co-authoring the California Consumer Privacy Act legislation and it's impact on technology to her joining OSOM Products and continuing to walk the walk when it comes to data privacy in tech.

NEWS: Google and Android celebrate the latest ART impact on millions of devices, plus Google Calendar starts to play nice with Microsoft Outlook

HARDWARE: OPPO confirms the Find N3 Flip (and Huyen loves it), Qualcomm getting Snapdragon into gaming devices, and the reports of the ASUS ZenFone's death was great exxagerated.

APPS: Google Search goes all in on Stories, YouTube Music touts RSS for podcasts, but Ron isn't having it and rants instead. Samsung gets real about how much data is used by its bloatware.

Check out Mary Ross's work at OSOM Products at