Confirmed: Android 15's Codename is Vanilla Ice Cream

Google confirms the delicious codename for the latest version of Android.

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Confirmed: Android 15's Codename is Vanilla Ice Cream

Over the past decade of Android, one of our favorite traditions has been the dessert codename for the latest version of Android. Sure, Google may have moved on from the dessert names a while ago, opting for the cleaner version number approach, but we don't know when to quit.

So naturally when Android 15 was on the horizon, inquiring minds want to know, "What is the dessert code name?!?" We know that Android 15 mapped to the dessert alphabetical order matrix to the letter V - so what could it be?

Well about a year ago, our very own Mishaal Rahman spotted it deep within code commits to the operating system and identified that Android 15 was codenamed after the classic dessert, some may call it the bedrock of a quality sundae, Vanilla Ice Cream. But we did wonder, could we get it confirmed? Luckily at this year's Google I/O, we had our chance!

Dave Burke at Google I/O

During our recent sitdown interview with the President of the Android Ecosystem, Sameer Samat and VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke we took the opportunity to ask, is Android 15 indeed Vanilla Ice Cream? Luckily for us, being the good sport that he is, Dave Burke heeded the call and provided the confirmation we were looking for.

"Yeah. VIC [Vanilla Ice Cream]... that is the official [codename]... yeah."
- Dave Burke, VP Engineering Android

So there you have it. If you prefer your Android version to be dessert-ified, then Android 15 is serving up a nice bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream.

You can hear the confirmation and watch the full interview with Sameer Samat and Dave Burke here:

Thanks to Dave for humoring us and if you listen to the interview you may hear some promising comments from both Dave and Sameer about having more fun with Android, like dessert names. Crossing our fingers that hopefully there's more fun to be had with Android in the future!

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