Ron Richards

Ron Richards

Samsung Health is Sick! - Android Faithful #51

It's Hot Android Summer and first up is Samsung so join us for the latest leaks!

Hot Phone Tips - Android Faithful #50

We did it Android fam! 50 episodes of Android Faithful and to celebrate, Florence Ion returns to talk Android!

HTC. Back Again. HTC. Tell A Friend. - Android Faithful #49

It's a hot summer Android night and we welcome Juan Bagnell to discuss the latest in Android.

Android 15 reaches Platform Stability with Beta 3

Just in time for summer, Android 15 Beta 3 is on the scene and achieved platform stability! Here's all the details.

AI in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once - Android Faithful #48

So much AI, so little time. Shannon Morse joins the show to analyze Apple's announcements and swoon over Samsung's leaks.

The Next Generation Chromebooks Get A Gemini AI Boost

Google unveils the next step in Chromebooks with Chromebook Plus powered by Gemini. Magic Editor, Help Me Write and more will transform the laptop space at an affordable price.

Google I/O 2024 Two Takeaways for Developers

Google's Sameer Samat (President, Android Ecosystem) and Dave Burke (VP Engineering, Android) give some added guidance for developers at Google I/O

Confirmed: Android 15's Codename is Vanilla Ice Cream

Google confirms the delicious codename for the latest version of Android.

Inside Google at I/O: Gemini, AI and Android 15 - Android Faithful Episode #44

We're incredibly thrilled to sit down with Sameer Samat (President, Android Ecosystem) and Dave Burke (VP Engineering, Android) for an in-depth chat at Google I/O.