Ron Richards

Ron Richards

The Great Google Un-Silo-ing - Android Faithful Episode #41

We're into the quiet period before Google I/O, but that doesn't stop Google from doing a massive re-org that affects Android dramatically.

Android 15 Beta Roundup - Android Faithful Episode #40

The gang is back together and just in time too since the Android 15 beta dropped and Mishaal's got the breakdown. That plus...a phone made of wood?!?

Premium Upper Mid-Range - Android Faithful #39

Welcome Ben Schoon of 9to5Google to the show as we've got a lot going on with Android 15 developments and Google's rollout of the Find My Device network, finally!

RIP Google Podcasts - Android Faithful Episode #38

JR Raphael of The Intelligence returns to the show to join to discuss the latest in Google and Android updates plus some hands-on Gamer gear and some rumors of the Pixel 9 line.

Apple Gets Beepered By the DOJ - Android Faithful Episode #37

Juan Bagnell of SomeGadgetGuy returns to the show for a spicy week of Android discussions with a preview of Android 15 and we get hands-on with some new hardware!

Searching for Circle to Search - Android Faithful Episode #36

We're so excited to share some big news for the show (a long time coming!) Plus, its that time of the year when Google blesses us all with the date for an event that always gets us giddy!

Consistently Inconsistent Assistant - Android Faithful Episode #35

We have a hard time sifting through the sheer volume of big Android news this week, but have no fear: There's an exclusive piece of news that Mishaal breaks on the show complete with a shiny new breaking news bumper and the gang celebrates a little too hard.

Pixel Drop Or Pixel Dribble? - Android Faithful Episode #34

Will Sattelberg dives into his experience in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, plus Jason has the Nothing Phone (2a) and rooted phones lose RCS.

Chonky Watches: Inside Wear OS 4 on the OnePlus Watch 2 - Android Faithful Episode #33

Bjorn Kilburn, VP of Wear OS at Google joins to talk about the new Hybrid Architecture features of Wear OS 4 and the new OnePlus Watch 2. Plus, it's a super-sized episode with all the biggest gadget news from Mobile World Congress 2024!