Dialogs: Lacey Kobriger + Native Mobile Design

In the first edition of Dialogs we hear from mobile designer Lacey Kobriger about designing for both Android and iOS

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Dialogs: Lacey Kobriger + Native Mobile Design

Welcome to the first interview of Android Faithful Dialogs! In Dialogs, I'll be talking to designers, developers, and others who work in the tech behind and around our mobile apps and experiences.

Public version of Lacey Kobriger's interview

How does a mobile designer working on a single app for both Android and iOS create the best experience while respecting the conventions and expectations of both? What is "native mobile design"? Lacey Kobriger, a native mobile designer, shares her experiences discovering what it actually means to design for mobile, why she values collaboration between designers and engineers, how Lacey views large screens and other form factors, and which lessons from her time in game design she takes with her into mobile.

Follow Lacey: https://www.designbetterapps.com
Twi/X: https://twitter.com/laceykobriger
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laceykobriger

PROGRAMMING NOTE: When we launched the new Android Faithful website, we planned for Dialogs to be a newsletter but as we got into it, we realize it works best as website post, so now you'll be able to watch/read the interview here on AndroidFaithful.com!

Android Faithful website visitors can watch the above, short video interview. Android Faithful supporters at the "Even More Android Faithful" tier can view the extended cut of the interview and read the full transcript of Lacey's interview below. Thank you to everyone for supporting Android Faithful and we hope you enjoy Android Faithful Dialogs!


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