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AI in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once - Android Faithful #48

So much AI, so little time. Shannon Morse joins the show to analyze Apple's announcements and swoon over Samsung's leaks.

"Find My" Finally Found - Android Faithful #47

It's a packed episode as the gang discuss Google's feature drop, Samsung getting more AI and lawsuits to hands-on with the latest hardware in the space.

Chromebook Plus AI Equals Gemini - Android Faithful #46

Big news coming from Google this week as they rolled out the next wave of Gemini AI integration, this time in Chromebook and Chromebook Plus laptops. We sat down with Google's VP of ChromeOS, John Maletis to discuss the news and what it means for Android.

The Google Investor Conference - Android Faithful Episode #45

Google I/O is behind us, so David Imel (MKBHD) joins to break down what it all means for Android.

Inside Google at I/O: Gemini, AI and Android 15 - Android Faithful Episode #44

We're incredibly thrilled to sit down with Sameer Samat (President, Android Ecosystem) and Dave Burke (VP Engineering, Android) for an in-depth chat at Google I/O.

Google I/O Countdown - Android Faithful Episode #43

As if Google I/O excitement wasn't enough, we shared some big news on the podcast this week! Listen as the gang reveals the brand-new Android Faithful website featuring newsletters, articles, reviews, and more!

Down the Rabbit Hole - Android Faithful Episode #42

This edition of Android Faithful sure did erupt into something spectacular as we dig deep into the Rabbit R1 and it's tenuous Android connection along with tracking the latest rumors, leaks and news about Samsung, Google and more!

The Great Google Un-Silo-ing - Android Faithful Episode #41

We're into the quiet period before Google I/O, but that doesn't stop Google from doing a massive re-org that affects Android dramatically.

Android 15 Beta Roundup - Android Faithful Episode #40

The gang is back together and just in time too since the Android 15 beta dropped and Mishaal's got the breakdown. That plus...a phone made of wood?!?