The Next Generation Chromebooks Get A Gemini AI Boost

Google unveils the next step in Chromebooks with Chromebook Plus powered by Gemini. Magic Editor, Help Me Write and more will transform the laptop space at an affordable price.

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The Next Generation Chromebooks Get A Gemini AI Boost

Get ready to transform the way you work and play on your Chromebook and Chromebook Plus. Today, Google has announced a wave of innovation, infusing Chromebooks with advanced AI capabilities, enhanced Gemini integration, and exciting new features across the board. Whether you're a creative professional, a student, or simply someone who loves to stay connected, these updates promise to revolutionize your Chromebook experience.

We'll be discussing these new features on this week's episode of Android Faithful, along with an exclusive sit-down interview with John Maletis, VP of ChromeOS at Google. Be sure to tune in later today on our livestream or watch or listen to the podcast when released later tonight!

Unleashing the Power of Google AI on Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus users are in for a treat, as their devices are now equipped with cutting-edge AI tools designed to elevate productivity and creativity:

  • Help Me Write: Your Personal Writing Companion: Say goodbye to writer's block as Help Me Write is your AI-powered writing assistant, ready to offer suggestions, refine your tone, and even generate text from your prompts. Whether you're composing an email, crafting a social media post, or filling out an application, Help Me Write is here to...well, help you write.
  • AI-Generated Wallpaper & Video Backgrounds: Personalize your Chromebook with AI-generated wallpapers and video call backgrounds. Choose from a variety of themes, styles, and moods to create a truly unique digital environment. From vibrant landscapes to abstract patterns, let your imagination run free. And what's great is the video call background work with everything: Google Meet (of course), along with Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Magic Editor (Exclusive to Chromebook Plus): We've fallen in love with the Magic Editor tools in Google Photos on our phones. Now you can transform your photos into masterpieces with the magic touch of AI on a laptop. Magic Editor, available in Google Photos, empowers you to seamlessly adjust objects, fine-tune lighting, and replace backgrounds with ease. It's like having a professional photo editing suite right at your fingertips.

Gemini: Your AI Co-Pilot, Powered by Google One AI Premium

Gemini, Google's most advanced AI model, is now integrated directly into your Chromebook Plus home screen. Whether you need help with research, brainstorming ideas, or planning a project, Gemini is your ultimate productivity companion. As a bonus, new Chromebook Plus users receive a FREE 12-month Google One AI Premium plan, unlocking even more powerful Gemini features and 2TB of cloud storage.

Enhancing the Chromebook Experience for All

The Chromebook revolution doesn't stop with the Plus model. All Chromebooks are getting a boost with these new features:

  • Effortless Setup with Your Android Phone: Simplify your Chromebook setup process by seamlessly transferring your Wi-Fi credentials and Google account information from your Android phone.
  • Google Tasks Integration: Stay organized and productive with a convenient Google Tasks view right on your homescreen. Access your tasks across all your Google Workspace apps and devices.
  • GIF Screen Recording: Create fun and informative GIFs of your screen recordings in just a few clicks. Share your tutorials, reactions, or gameplay highlights with ease.
  • Game Dashboard for Immersive Gaming: Take your mobile gaming to the next level with customizable keyboard mapping and other optimizations designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

A Glimpse into the Future of Chromebooks

Google's commitment to innovation doesn't end here. In the coming months, expect to see even more groundbreaking features on your Chromebook:

  • Help Me Read with Gemini: Dive deeper into webpages and PDFs with AI-powered summaries and the ability to ask follow-up questions.
  • Seamless Multi-Device Workflows: Pick up where you left off, no matter what device you're using. Easily switch between your Chromebook, phone, and tablet without losing your place.
  • Focus Mode: Minimize distractions and maximize productivity with a dedicated Focus Mode that blocks notifications and helps you stay on task.
  • Hands-Free Control: Navigate your Chromebook with ease using AI-powered face and gesture tracking thanks to Project Gameface.

Evolving the Future of Productivity

With these new product offerings, Google has positioned the Chromebook to be a powerful option for those looking for a new laptop, at an affordable price. With new devices coming from hardware partners such as Acer, ASUS, and HP and prices ranging from $349 to $699, Chromebook users can now access AI with enhanced Gemini integration, and a host of innovative features and tools for both work and play making Chromebook Plus a compelling option for your next laptop.

Get all the info at and see all the new features and models available.


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