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Android 15 reaches Platform Stability with Beta 3

Just in time for summer, Android 15 Beta 3 is on the scene and achieved platform stability! Here's all the details.

AI in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once - Android Faithful #48

So much AI, so little time. Shannon Morse joins the show to analyze Apple's announcements and swoon over Samsung's leaks.

Google releases final quarterly build of Android 14: Here's what's new

Here are all the new features in Android 14 QPR3, the update rolling out alongside the Pixel Feature Drop for June 2024.

Pixel Feature Drop for June 2024 rolling out: Here's what's new

The Pixel Feature Drop for June 2024 brings a slew of enhancements to Pixel phones, the Pixel Watch series, and the Pixel Tablet. Here’s a summary of what’s new.

Google Messages to add 911 Text Support via RCS

Starting this winter, you'll be able to text 911 over RCS using the Google Messages app on Android!

Dialogs: Lacey Kobriger + Native Mobile Design

In the first edition of Dialogs we hear from mobile designer Lacey Kobriger about designing for both Android and iOS

"Find My" Finally Found - Android Faithful #47

It's a packed episode as the gang discuss Google's feature drop, Samsung getting more AI and lawsuits to hands-on with the latest hardware in the space.

REVIEW: Pixel 8a - Pixel Pricing Predicament

Google's Pixel 8a offers an attractive mid-range value proposition, but risks cannibalizing the flagship Pixel 8.

The future of Android is potentially at stake

Why Epic getting its way could be bad for Android. Plus, Android apps on Windows live on, Android phones and tablets now work better together, and why Gemini Nano is more than hype.

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